Grow Together™ has been established to empower women who work in the areas of early childhood development and education to build financial success and create strong local communities.

Intellidance® understands that financial barriers often limit women's professional goals. Through our Grow Together™ initiative, we advocate for the global movement fighting for women’s rights and equality through subsidized training, business development, and support. By investing in women with the potential to create change, we Grow Together™!

The Grow Together™ Initiative provides subsidy for professional women in countries where the annual income level prevents them from being able to afford our certification, or professional women who have faced significant hardships which limit them from being able to afford our certification. This program is NOT a hand-out, but rather a hand UP, helping women who have demonstrated they have the skills and passion to make an impact. 

We select candidates based on:

  • Level of financial need
  • Demonstration of leadership in their community
  • Dedication to professional development
  • Potential to expand their business or professional practice

Intellidance® is committed to welcoming one new Grow Together™ Ambassador for each of our online teacher training programs. We work closely with our Grow Together™ Ambassador to support their business goals and community development.

We are currently taking applications for our next Grow Together™ Ambassador to join us for the April 15 Online Intellidance® Course.

The application period will run from March 1-10. We will select our next Grow Together™ Ambassador on March 14.

To apply please click here!

We are excited to introduce you to Nonsika Sisky Lukhele, our FIRST Grow Together™ Intellidance® Ambassador! 

Founder, Studio Owner and dance coach at Sisky's Dance Company based in Eswatini (Africa), Nonsika is a dance fanatic who has been part of an international touring performing arts company. Sisky Studios have now opened 7 branches across the country and teaches over 100 children between the age of 3 to 13 hip hop and ballet.

Nonsika has a strong passion for childhood development and the performing arts, and has mixed both to increase her time living out her passion and doing her best to make an impact. 

Nonsika is continually improving herself to better serve her community and has taken various courses in dance and child development to ensure lasting and worthwhile transformations with lasting effect in child development.

Outside of dancing, Nonsika is a loving mother of 3 wonderful children, a wife, and fitness enthusiast who does yoga and likes to create ballet fitness exercises.

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