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Aphra has been dancing throughout her whole life. Completing most of her initial training in the Professional Division at the School of Alberta Ballet in Calgary, she received professional level instruction and fantastic performance opportunities such as many years of participation in Alberta Ballet's The Nutcracker. During this time, she also completed the first of the three major final Cechetti method examinations before deciding to move on from the School of Alberta Ballet and finish her high school years dancing in a more creative setting. She spent the next three years at MacDonald Wilson Dance Academy and also dancing in the attached Dancers in Training performance company. Aphra came to Edmonton to study English and Biology at the University of Alberta and has made the city her home since graduation. She has thoroughly enjoyed Edmonton’s exciting dance scene and has spent her time in Edmonton dancing with J’adore and the UofA Orchesis Dance group, where she has been a board member and performer. Aphra most recently completed a year’s internship with J'adore in 2015/16 before coming aboard as full teacher, completed her Intellidance® method training in 2017, and looks forward to teaching at J’adore again this coming Fall.


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J'Adore Dance Edmonton, AB


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J'Adore Dance 780-701-4942 https://jadoredance.ca

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