The Dance Factory

Bridget comes into Intellidance® after having her wonderful and amazing daughter and finding their community woefully lacking in educated early childhood programs.  It became her goal to provide a warm, nurturing environment for caregivers and children to learn from, engage with others in, and find a reason to leave the house (it is SO hard when you have a little one)!  That opportunity arose through a partnership with The Dance Factory, the studio where Bridget found a love of dance as she began taking adult tap and jazz classes.  More than anything, Bridget wants to provide the joy of education and dance to as many families as possible!

Previously a teacher, Bridget is embarking down a new avenue of education. She taught for 7 years from pre-K 4 year olds to middle school Math and ELA.  By far her favorite ages to teach are the younger groups - pre-K and K.  Prior to becoming a teacher, Bridget was a lawyer focused on the family arena where she clerked for a family law judge as well as provided her services as a law guardian (attorney for children).  Throughout her life, she has been dedicated to the well-being of education for children and she is immensely looking forward to continuing that drive through implementation of the Intellidance® program!


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