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Kelly Stabile

I have always enjoyed the physical pleasures of being an active person.  Growing up,  I danced as a child up untill I was a teenager.  I studied ballet,  jazz and tap in Edmonton.  Now, married and with two children of my own,  I love spending time with my family (including our dog, Teddy),  and in doing so I try to instil my own passions into their lives,  including running and working out, crafting, and especially music and dance.  My son, who is 13 years old, loves to jam on his guitar and is active with his competitive soccer.  My daughter, now an older teen, has danced since she was three, and I've always been thrilled seeing her grow and develop into the beautiful performer she is today.  

In many ways,  my life with my own children has transferred into the way I see and interact with others.  When the children were young,  I enjoyed volunteerering at their school - being a reading buddy, displaying bulletin boards, and playing and supervising during recess and field trips.  I love seeing the children learn through movement, both physically and cognatively.  I always wanted to be there to assist them.  I think it was my nature as a caring, patient, understanding parent that helped me help them.  I always knew I wanted to be involved with the little ones in someway as my kids got older.  

Presently I am a pre-school instructor.  September 2019 will mark ten years that I've been involved in the ActiveKids program at Servus Place in St. Albert.   One-third of the class takes place in the classroom and the rest is spent moving in and around the classroom and gym areas, helping the children develop through movement in thier large motor and locomotor skills.  I attempt to convey to them, especially at their young age, how necessary it is to cultivate an active lifestyle. 

Additionally, I have for the past four years, taught preschool dance at St.Albert's Zero Gravity studio to 3-6 year olds.  As of last year, I have also been introducing Intellidance® Tots and Intellidance® Kids to the children and caregivers at Zero Gravity.    

I also involve myself in dance competitions and performances at Zero Gravity.  I enjoy and take pride in assisting the owner with constructing various props for dances, as well as the backstage job of assembling and moving these props on and off stage before and after performances.  From that perspective I get to see and celebrate the growth in dance that many of my own former students have undergone. 

My hope for the future is to continue to use my experiences and knowledge to assist the little ones and their families to find joy in learning though movement and dance.  


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Zerogravity dance in St Albert
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