Intellidance Winter Vol. 1 Colouring Sheets

The Intellidance® Winter Vol.1 Colouring Sheets include 7 printable colouring sheets,  illustrating activities from the Intellidance® Tots and Kids Winter Vol.1 Curriculum:

  • Nutcracker Chinese Ribbon Dance (Level)
  • On/Off/In/Out/Near/Far (Relationships)
  • The Snowflake Dance (Energy)
  • Jack Be Nimble (Level)
  • Big and Small Snowman (Size)
  • Snowflakes All Around (Space)
  • Walking Man Stopping Hand (Space)

Colouring sheets provide an extension to activities presented in class and  a reflective take home activity sure to impress your clients! 

File is zipped. Please unzip file to view all 7 PDF files. 

Available to download for: 
$10.00 USD