Intellidance® Method for the Early Childhood Classroom Certificate Program

Bring the JOY and BENEFITS of Dance and Music Education to your Classroom with Intellidance®!

Intellidance® for the Early Childhood Classroom is a unique creative dance and music curriculum and teacher training program created to foster holistic development in children ages 3-6. Research shows that dance and music activities offered in a loving, safe, multi-sensory environment enhance life long learning and neural development.

Intellidance® offers a playful and creative approach to movement and music education in the early years. The program model combines exploration and discovery with dance, music, and play designed to nurture our youngest learners.  The Intellidance® Method is based on current best practices and recommendations in early childhood development, international dance and music education standards, coupled with child and teacher-approved fun!

The Intellidance® Method for the Early Childhood Classroom Certificate Program has been developed for preschool/play school teachers, childcare professionals, early intervention professionals, and kindergarten teachers.  We understand early childhood professionals play a critical role in laying a solid foundation for children's physical, cognitive, and social emotional development. We strive to empower early childhood professionals to feel confident delivering impactful dance and music activities that support their student's learning needs and build a creative classroom community. 

Intellidance® Founder, Jessica Baudin-Griffin (B.Ed), has trained professionals from all over the world in the Intellidance® Method, using conceptual teaching practices to increase the awareness of the benefits of developmentally appropriate early childhood dance and music education and experiences. Jessica has taught early childhood dance and music in a wide variety of settings including: dance studios, community centres, preschools, daycares, special educational programs, elementary schools, and post secondary institutions. 

Working in different educational settings has given Jessica a deep appreciation of the importance of music and dance education at all ages and an understanding of the different needs of early childhood professionals. Jessica brings this experience and knowledge to her teaching training programs, providing an educational model that is both strong in methodology and flexible in implementation. Jessica is committed to helping other teachers find success, satisfaction, and joy!

Intellidance® Teaching Tools and Resources

Participants registered in the Intellidance® Method for the Early Childhood Classroom receive the following teaching tools and resources:

  • Intellidance® Method for the Early Childhood Classroom Training Manual (Digital and Print)
  • Intellidance® Lesson Plans: Core Curriculum Lesson Plans for each Intellidance® Concept (Digital and Print) 
  • Intellidance® Core Curriculum Activity Guide: Activity Guide with 200+ Intellidance® Activities Organized by Concept (Digital and Print)
  • Intellidance® Seasonal Lesson Plans: 3 sets of Seasonal Intellidance® Lesson Plans and Matching Visuals (Posters/Coloring Sheets) for Fall, Winter, and Spring (Digital)
  • Intellidance® Concept Visuals: Posters, Concept Cards, and Colouring Sheets for each Movement Concept (Digital)
  • Intellidance® BrainDance Poster (Digital)
  • Intellidance® Video Library: Video demonstrations of many of the Intellidance® activities (Digital)
  • Intellidance® Spotify Playlists: Access to Private Intellidance® Playlists on Spotify (Digital)

Intellidance® Method For The Early Childhood Classroom Certificate Training Program: NEW Summer 2019!

The Intellidance® Method for the Early Childhood Classroom Certificate program trains professionals in the best practices in early childhood dance and music education. Over 4 days of in-person training, participants will learn in how to structure, plan, and implement developmentally appropriate dance and music programming for children ages 3-6.

Day 1: Intellidance® Method Foundations

  • Conceptual Dance and Music Education Basics (Connections will be made to the new Alberta Learning K-4 curriculum)
    • Benefits of Conceptual Dance and Music Education
    • Intellidance® Movement and Music Concepts
    • Moves and Grooves: Combining Dance and Music Concepts for Young Learners
  • BrainDance Basics
    • Developmental Movement Patterns and Automaticity
    • Benefits of BrainDance
    • BrainDance Variations for the Early Childhood Classroom

Day 2: Intellidance® Method Curriculum Design

  • Explore, Discover, Practice, Create! The Collaborative Classroom
    • Explore for Understanding
    • Discovery through Sensory Play
    • Practice for Skill Development
    • Create for Creativity
  • Manage Your Way to Success!
    • Positive Management: Say What You Want To See
    • Fun Flow: Music and Movement Transitions and Routines
    • Mindful Moments: Rest and Recuperation

Day 3: Intellidance® Method Connecting to the Classroom

  • Creating Connections
    • Moving through Literacy: Combining Picture Books and Creative Movement
    • Math Sense: Music and Movement for Early Mathematical Concepts
    • Rhythm and Rhyme: Developing Language and Fine Motor Skills
    • Caring Community: Supporting Social- Emotional Development
    • Dance Daily: Physical Literacy in the Classroom

Day 4: Intellidance® Method Mastering Your Practice

  • Expanding the Dance
    • Customize your Classroom: How to Create Original Intellidance® Activities
    • Seasons and Themes: Creating Thematic Activities 
    • Multi-Sensory Supports: Utilizing Intellidance® Visuals and Props for Enriched Learning

July 2019 Intellidance® Training Details

Course Location: Casey's Dance Centre

337 Woodvale Road West NW (60 Street and Woodvale Rd. West, two blocks north of Grey Nuns Hospital)

Edmonton, AB T6L 3Z7

Course Dates: July 15-18, 2019

Course Times: 9:30am-4:30pm daily

Registration Fee: 

Regular Pricing (June 1- July 10): $800 CND

Professional organizations sending 3 or more teachers to the training may register at the rate of $550 CND/teacher. Please contact us for group discount code!


I don't have a background in dance/music. Can I still take the course?

Yes! I have successfully trained many professionals who do not have a formal background in dance or music. The most important thing is that you love dance and music and are comfortable expressing yourself through movement. If you can march, jump, gallop, skip, hop, turn, and clap to a beat, you can teach Intellidance!

I am a the director/principal of a childcare centre/school interested in bringing Intellidance® to my faciility. Do all my teachers need to be trained through you?

Yes, anyone teaching the Intellidance® Method must take the certificate program under my mentorship. This ensures that all teachers receive the same level of training and understand how implement the Intellidance® Method successfully. 

I want to start an Intellidance® business in my community for profit. Is this the right training program for me?

The Intellidance® Method for the Early Childhood Classroom is designed for teachers to implement in classroom settings ONLY.  Teachers interested in offering the Intellidance® Programs as for profit classes in their community should take the Intellidance® Method Certification. You can find more information on our 0-5 years programs and training here!

Are there any ongoing fees or training requirements?

No! The Intellidance® Method for the Early Childhood Classroom Certificate is a one time training program. 

Who else is using the Intellidance® Method?

We have trained a wide variety of professionals who work with young children and families including:

  • Dance Teachers
  • Music Teachers
  • Early Childhood Educators/Kindergarten Teachers 
  • Librarians
  • English Language Teachers (ESL)
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Child Care Providers
  • Psychologists
  • Yoga/Fitness Instructors
  • Early Childhood Intervention Specialists
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Parents

People LOVE Intellidance®!

Courtney Richard

Certified Intellidance® Teacher/ K-6 Music Specialist 

I first was introduced to Intellidance® wearing my "Mom" hat when I signed up to participate in a winter session babies class with my oldest son. It was one of the best baby gifts I could have received! Not only did it have a profound impact on our family's life, as we continued classes with our children for years to come, it was also instrumental to contributing to growth in my professional career. I am an elementary music specialist who has been working in my position for over a decade and I also hold a Master of Education degree. As a teacher who has always valued movement as a part of my music program, I already knew the benefits that learning through movement can provide our students. I would attend Intellidance® classes with my children, then go home to promptly record ideas that I could later bring back to my classroom. When my first son was only 6 months old, an opportunity to take the Teacher Certification arose; there was no question for me to switch to my "Teacher" hat and I immediately signed up to take part.

Through Intellidance, I gained a whole repertoire of activities that I could use to broaden my students' understanding of core music concepts through kinaesthtic means. I have yet to introduce an Intellidance® activity to my students that is not met with enthusiasm and requests to be repeated in future classes. I gained a whole series of transitions that have improved my classroom management; these planned transitions are a huge part and asset of the Intellidance® program. I gained a whole repertoire of music that I come back to over and over again because not only does it support learning, it is delightful, engaging, and fun at the same time! I learned that it is okay for some of our early learners to simply observe during activities; with time, participation for these children will come. I have been inspired to create many of my own activities, including a number of thematic BrainDances that I teach to different grades within my school. I have developed an understanding how props can support learning and have vastly added to the collection of manipulatives I use within my classroom.

I have since brought Intellidance® professional development sessions to my school and district because I believe that this program needs to be shared with many. Intellidance® is about dance, music, learning, play, and joy! I feel very blessed to be a part of this program.

Alaina Smith

Certified Intellidance® Teacher/ Preschool Teacher

Intellidance® has enriched my teaching and has made me a more confident teacher. I use Intellidance® as a preschool teacher, I teach several Intellidance® classes a week in my community, and I also use the program in my preschool classes. I absolutely love the programming we are continually provided, along with all the new music I have been introduced to. Jessica is wonderfully positive and encouraging!! Her on-going support in my new business adventure has been very much appreciated. Intellidance® has provided me the opportunity to work with a young family doing what I love and provide a fun, educational class to families in my community that I really believe in!

Beatrice Leung Morison

Physical Therapist/ Mother

My two children have been dancing with Jessica from the time they were babies. Intellidance® has offered both my son and daughter opportunities to learn and advance their movement skills, coordination, and balance through music and play. Each level, from babies to kids, introduces new challenges and progression.

As a health care professional, it is amazing to watch my own children and others, develop and change throughout each session! Jessica's cohesive lesson plans include fresh materials and music with unique and personal takes on popular rhythms and songs. Her background in education, special needs, and movement is evident in her teaching style.

Parents have as much to learn in Intellidance® as their children. You will discover new ways of fostering development and to use music and play to implement them.

Intellidance® is an innovative approach to early childhood development!

Liesa Mckay

Certified Intellidance® Teacher/Mother

The Intellidance® programs are such a joy to teach. I love watching the children and their caregivers explore all the different ways their bodies can move, without being told that what they’re doing is right or wrong! Intellidance® Babies has shown me just how much very young children observe, absorb, and express information presented to them! It’s very rewarding to watch young babies smile with delight as they interact and play with their mom, or to see a 6 month old child bop and groove to the beat of the music. A number of moms have thanked us for teaching them different activities to do with their babies at home, and for providing valuable developmental information about their babies. They feel empowered and knowledgeable regarding their baby’s development, instead of overwhelmed.

Jessica’s training program not only gives the basics of the Intellidance® programs but also the “why” behind what we do in class. Understanding why we do what we do gives the instructor a much deeper understanding of both natural child development and how specific activities can foster that development. Jessica also allows for individual instructor creativity within the lessons so that you feel confident as an instructor. There are comprehensive lesson plans that allow you to easily and seamlessly teach a class with both Jessica’s ideas as well as your own. I have been a dance teacher for a number of years, and never have I felt more supported and knowledgeable than when teaching the Intellidance® programs.

Jenna Brenan

Certified Intellidance® Teacher/ K-6 Dance Specialist

Taking the Intellidance® certification course re-ignited my passion for teaching dance to young children. Jessica provided us with many visual and hands-on learning opportunities. Observing Intellidance® Babies, Tykes, Tots, and Kids classes made the learning authentic. These observations allowed us to see how each class is structured while taking note of Jessica’s “little tricks” to keep the participants engaged.

While creating my lesson plans, the early childhood development charts helped me to analyze, synthesize, and apply the information into my own plans, thus creating developmentally appropriate and engaging lessons. The Intellidance® community is incredibly supportive and I am thrilled to be a part of it!

Danielle Smith

Fitness Specialist/ Mother

It has been a great pleasure that my daughter Makenna participated in Intellidance®. Makenna is a free spirit like all preschoolers, and she flourished in a dance class that did not specify exact movements required for children to mirror, but for children to use dance to explore their natural movements and creative dance. Makenna has a strong sense of self and enjoys freedom to move with music and song. Attending Intellidance® strengthened her independence of body movement and expression! My only regret was not having her in more classes!

Thank you Jessica for developing this program and providing it to all!

Class start date: 
July 15, 2019
$599.57 USD