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Our Story

Discover the JOY of early childhood dance education with Intellidance®!

Hi! My name is Jessica and I LOVE to teach creative dance to families with babies to children age 5! Over 10 years ago my first daughter was born. Her birth inspired me to leave my job as an early childhood intervention teacher and start my dream career as a full time dance teacher. While the market was saturated with dance programs for children over the age of 5, I couldn't find a high quality, developmentally based, FUN early childhood dance program for babies, toddlers and preschoolers...

So I decided to create my own!

Combining my background in education (I have minors in special education, early childhood education, and fine arts education), dance and music (I grew up performing professionally in Musical Theatre shows), I began offering dance classes with my daughter around my city.

The demand was through the roof!

I could not keep up as a one woman show, so I hired and trained other dance teachers (many of whom were moms with young kids, like me!) to join my team. Three years later I had another beautiful baby girl and my own successful dance studio (J'Adore Dance)!

By this time I had many other dance teachers and studio owners bringing their own babies and toddlers to my classes. They were intrigued by the incredible success of studio and wanted to bring my methodology and programs to their own studios.

This is when I formally launched the Intellidance® Method Certification!

Over the next few years, I would host a yearly, in-studio Intellidance® Method Certification to dance teachers and studios interested offering Intellidance, but also professionals, such as music teachers, occupational therapists, childcare workers, librarians, and psychologists, who worked with young children and were interested in applying the Intellidance® Method and activities to their own practices.

At the same time J'Adore Dance had grown into a one room studio (yes, you read that right, one room) that was serving over 1200 dancers and offering over 70 classes per week!

The key to the studio's ongoing success and profitability was my commitment to the best early childhood dance classes possible- Intellidance®!

Over 400 of our dancers were under the age of 5. Once the children aged out of the Intellidance® programs they stayed at my studio because they had grown up with us, many since they were only a few months old. We weren't just a dance studio, we were family!

In Spring of 2016 I made the decision to sell J'Adore Dance to commit myself full time to supporting other dance teachers, studio owners, and professionals working with young children in using the Intellidance® Method and Programs. I have successfully trained over 100 professionals from all over the world in the Intellidance® Method and am thrilled to see Certified Intellidance® Teachers find success, profitability, and joy!

My goal is to ignite your passion for early childhood dance, increase your confidence, expertise and satisfaction as a dance teacher, and reduce your levels of frustration and stress! I am committed to working closely with my students and licensees, as I know each individual brings their own unique gifts to their teaching.

Bottom line, I want you to succeed and LOVE what you do!

If this sounds like the next step in your evolution as a dance educator or business owner, I invite you to join me and our growing networking of Intellidance® teachers from all over the world!

I can't wait to meet you! ~ Jessica

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Online Certification

Intellidance® Method Certification: Become a Certified Intellidance® Teacher Online!

The Intellidance® Method Certification program trains professionals in the best practices in early childhood dance education.

You will receive training in how to structure, plan, and implement developmentally appropriate dance programming for 4 different age groupings:

  • Babies (ages 3-11 months)
  • Tykes (ages 12-24 months)
  • Tots (ages 2-4)
  • Kids (ages 3-5)

The Intellidance® Method Certification was developed to provide a flexible, training option for international students with a variety of life and work needs. The Intellidance® Method Certification program is completed online under my guidance and mentorship.

You are given Life-Time Access to the course, including all Updates and Enhancements!

The Intellidance® Method Certification Course

Consists of 6 Online Modules:

  • Intellidance® Foundations (Modules 1 & 2)
  • Intellidance® Babies for ages 3-11 months with caregiver (Module 3)
  • Intellidance® Tykes for ages 12-24 months with caregiver (Module 4)
  • Intellidance® Tots for ages 2-4 years with caregiver (Module 5)
  • Intellidance® Kids for ages 3-5 without caregiver (Module 6)

The online course easily progresses your learning using:

  • Intellidance® Training Manuals (one fore each program)
  • Lecture and Instructional videos (over 175 videos to support your learning of the Intellidance® Method!)
  • Sample Intellidance® Lesson Plans for each program by concept
  • Intellidance® Early Childhood Development Guides for ages 0-5 years
  • Digital download of all course books and guides (for those who prefer to read the course information in paper form)

Throughout the course you will complete a variety of written and practical (video) assignments to support your learning:

  • The Intellidance® Classroom Sensory Experience (Module 1)
  • Developmental Synopses for each Intellidance® program (Modules 3-6)
  • Intellidance® Lesson Plan for each program (Modules 3-6)
  • Intellidance® Activity Videos (3-5 minutes) of yourself leading an Intellidance® activity from each program (Modules 3-6)
  • Intellidance® Babies Safety Guidelines Video (3-5 minutes) of yourself demonstrating the safety and positioning guidelines for dancing with Babies (Module 3)

Assignments are uploaded online and I personally review each one. I will then send you individualized, written feedback that:

  • Identifies and celebrates your UNIQUE teaching strengths
  • Addresses areas of improvement
  • Provides you with SPECIFIC, ACTIONABLE strategies to support your continued GROWTH as a teacher, no matter what your level of experience!

You will further enhance your learning of the Intellidance® Method through a variety of online experiences including:

  • Easy communication with myself through the course messenger service and email.
  • Membership to the private Intellidance® Certificate Network (on Facebook) to discuss, share, and collaborate with myself and Intellidance® students and teachers from around the world!
  • Additional Live Webinars to further enhance your learning.

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New for 2019! Progressive Certification Model to Accelerate Your Success!

Why wait to launch your Intellidance® business? 

Our NEW Progressive Certification model gets you teaching and growing your business a faster rate!

  1. Complete the Intellidance® Foundations Modules (1 & 2) ✓ 
  2. Complete the Intellidance® Babies Module (3) ✓
  3. You are now certified and ready to teach Intellidance® Babies!!!! 

Upon completion of each new program module (4-6) you will receive a NEW certification allowing you to teach Intellidance® Tykes, Tots, and Kids!

Watch your business GROW with each new program added!

Certified Intellidance® Teacher Benefits

After each Successful Program Certification, you will Unlock:

Teaching Resources!

  • Over 45 weeks of READY-TO-GO progressive lesson plans (per program!)
  • Intellidance® Activity Guide for each program (our curriculum offers over 500 ready to use creative dance and music activities)
  • Intellidance® Activity Video Library (over 350 videos of Intellidance® activities and classes in action)
  • Intellidance® Lesson Plan Templates to create original lesson plans
  • Participant Certificates of Completion (Celebrate your students' success!)
  • Music Playlists (through Spotify)
  • Prop Retailer Recommendation List (North America Only)

Business Resources!

  • Professional Photos 
  • Promotional Videos 
  • Logos and Branding Elements
  • Print Marketing and Material templates
  • Social Media Promotional Materials
  • Gift Certificate Templates
  • Sample Registration Forms and Waivers
  • Certified Intellidance®  Teacher Page on Intellidance® website including:
    • Teacher biography and photo
    • Class schedule
    • Contact information/ Link to your business website

Upon successful completion of the entire Intellidance® Method Certification your will be recognized as a fully Certified Intellidance® Teacher, unlocking even MORE teaching and business supports!

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How long does it take to complete the Intellidance® Method Certification?

You are given life-time access to the course, but individual completion rates vary based on number of hours a day a student can dedicate to the course materials and assignments. It takes approximately 60 hours to complete all course requirements. I have had students successfully complete the course in as little as 6 weeks. Students who are working full time are able to complete the course within 4-5 months by dedicating a few hours weekly to their studies. However, as a dedicated mother and business woman myself, I understand unexpected situations can come up with our family and work lives, so I like to provide my students with a stress free learning experience, which is why I grant you lifetime access the course.

What do I require to take the course?

To complete the course you will need:

  • A computer or tablet with high speed internet
  • Microsoft Word (this is the format lesson plan templates are provided, if using other word processing programs you may experience formating challenges)
  • A PDF viewer program to download digital resources (we recommend Adobe Acrobat Reader- you can download it free here!)
  • A video camera for practical assignments (this can be as simple as the camera on your phone)

I don't have a background in early childhood education. Can I still take the course?

Yes! I have successfully trained many professionals whose background is not in early childhood education. The most important thing is that you are willing and eager to learn! I have recommended book lists I send students with less experience in early childhood education to help supplement and support them during the course.

I don't have a background in dance or music. Can I still take the course?

Yes! I have successfully trained many professionals who do not have a formal background in dance. I have trained early childhood teachers, music teachers, librarians, fitness instructors, occupational therapists, early intervention specialist, and psychologists in the Intellidance® Method. All of these professionals have found meaningful ways to apply the Intellidance® Method to their professional practice. The most important thing is that you love to dance and music and are comfortable express yourself through movement. If you can march, jump, gallop, skip, hop, turn, and just generally groove to a beat, you can teach Intellidance!

Do you offer scholarships or financial assistance/payment plans?

We offer three payment plan options:

  • 4 equal payments of $400 over a 4 month period.
  • 8 equal payments of $210 over an 8 month period.
  • 12 equal payments of $142 over a 12 month period. 

NEW for 2019! Grow Together™ Subsidy Initiative

Grow Together™ has been established to empower women who work in the areas of early childhood development and education to build financial success and create strong local communities.

Intellidance® understands that financial barriers often limit women’s professional goals. Through our Grow Together™ initiative, we advocate for the global movement fighting for women’s rights and equality through subsidized training, business development, and support. By investing in women with the potential to create change, we Grow Together™!

The Grow Together™ Initiative provides subsidy for professional women in countries where the annual income level prevents the from being able to afford our certification, or women professionals who have faced significant hardships which again limit them from financially being able to afford our certification. This program is NOT a hand-out, but rather a hand UP! Helping women who have demonstrated they have the skills and passion to make an impact. 

To learn more about the Grow Together™ Initiative or to apply for subsidy, please click here!

I am a studio owner interested in bringing Intellidance® to my studio. Do all my teachers need to be trained through you?

Yes, anyone teaching the Intellidance® programs must take the Intellidance® Method Certification under my mentorship. This ensures that all teachers receive the same level of training. It also removes that work load from your plate as you grow your teaching team.

I am also happy to run a LIVE 5 day Intellidance® Method Certification at your studio, to train all your staff in one week! Group training discounts will apply. Please contact me for more information on hosting the Intellidance® Method Certification!

I want to start an Intellidance® business in my community, but I don't have my own studio...

No problem! Many of our Certified Intellidance® Teachers have built successful Intellidance® businesses in their communities through partnering with other facilities and renting their space. Ideas for places to run classes include:

  • Community Centers
  • Yoga/Fitness Studios
  • Dance Studios
  • Churches
  • School Gymnasiums

I am a classroom teacher (preschool, kindergarten, music), will I be able to use the Intellidance® Method in my class?

Yes! The Intellidance® Method easily transfers into the classroom, meeting creative expression, physical literacy, and fine arts objectives. The Intellidance® curriculum matches many of the National Arts Education Standards (North America) for dance and music for grades Pre.K-grade 1, with many activities easily transitioning to older grades! Intellidance® founder, Jessica Baudin-Griffin, uses the Intellidance® Method daily at the elementary school where she works part-time as a fine arts specialist.

Who else is using the Intellidance® Method?

We have trained a wide variety of professionals who work with young children and families including:

  • Dance Teachers
  • Music Teachers
  • Early Childhood Educators/Kindergarten Teachers 
  • Librarians
  • English Language Teachers (ESL)
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Child Care Providers
  • Psychologists
  • Yoga/Fitness Instructors
  • Early Childhood Intervention Specialists
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Parents

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People LOVE Intellidance®!

Alaina Smith

Certified Intellidance® Teacher

Intellidance® has enriched my teaching and has made me a more confident teacher. I use Intellidance® as a preschool teacher, I teach several Intellidance® classes a week in my community, and I also use the program in my preschool ballet classes. I absolutely love the programming we are continually provided, along with all the new music I have been introduced to. Jessica is wonderfully positive and encouraging!! Her on-going support in my new business adventure has been very much appreciated. Intellidance® has provided me the opportunity to work with a young family doing what I love and provide a fun, educational class to families in my community that I really believe in!

Beatrice Leung Morison

Physical Therapist and Mother

My two children have been dancing with Jessica from the time they were babies. Intellidance® has offered both my son and daughter opportunities to learn and advance their movement skills, coordination, and balance through music and play. Each level, from babies to kids, introduces new challenges and progression.

As a health care professional, it is amazing to watch my own children and others, develop and change throughout each session! Jessica's cohesive lesson plans include fresh materials and music with unique and personal takes on popular rhythms and songs. Her background in education, special needs, and movement is evident in her teaching style.

Parents have as much to learn in Intellidance® as their children. You will discover new ways of fostering development and to use music and play to implement them.

Intellidance® is an innovative approach to early childhood development!

Liesa Mckay

Certified Intellidance® Teacher

The Intellidance® programs are such a joy to teach. I love watching the children and their caregivers explore all the different ways their bodies can move, without being told that what they’re doing is right or wrong! Intellidance® Babies has shown me just how much very young children observe, absorb, and express information presented to them! It’s very rewarding to watch young babies smile with delight as they interact and play with their mom, or to see a 6 month old child bop and groove to the beat of the music. A number of moms have thanked us for teaching them different activities to do with their babies at home, and for providing valuable developmental information about their babies. They feel empowered and knowledgeable regarding their baby’s development, instead of overwhelmed.

Jessica’s training program not only gives the basics of the Intellidance® programs but also the “why” behind what we do in class. Understanding why we do what we do gives the instructor a much deeper understanding of both natural child development and how specific activities can foster that development. Jessica also allows for individual instructor creativity within the lessons so that you feel confident as an instructor. There are comprehensive lesson plans that allow you to easily and seamlessly teach a class with both Jessica’s ideas as well as your own. I have been a dance teacher for a number of years, and never have I felt more supported and knowledgeable than when teaching the Intellidance® programs.

Jenna Brenan

Certified Intellidance® Teacher

Taking the Intellidance® certification course re-ignited my passion for teaching dance to young children. Jessica provided us with many visual and hands-on learning opportunities. Observing Intellidance® Babies, Tykes, Tots, and Kids classes made the learning authentic. These observations allowed us to see how each class is structured while taking note of Jessica’s “little tricks” to keep the participants engaged.

While creating my lesson plans, the early childhood development charts helped me to analyze, synthesize, and apply the information into my own plans, thus creating developmentally appropriate and engaging lessons. The Intellidance®community is incredibly supportive and I am thrilled to be a part of it!

Gillian Galante


I signed up for the Intellidance® Babies class upon recommendation from a good friend of mine and it quickly became the highlight of the week for my daughter and I. I highly recommend this class!!! I especially loved that despite the range of ages in the class, there was truly something for every age from 2-12 months. I watched as my daughter grew from a shy 6 month old who spent most of the class glued to my side, to an independent and very social 1 year old. I also appreciated the learning opportunities that Jessica presented at the beginning of every class as well as the articles and blog posts made available every week. This class is a great opportunity to bond with your child while also nurturing their emotional and intellectual development. I am looking forward to starting the follow-up class (Intellidance® Tykes) with my daughter this summer!

Danielle Smith

Fitness Instructor and Motherr

It has been a great pleasure that my daughter Makenna participated in Intellidance®. Makenna is a free spirit like all preschoolers, and she flourished in a dance class that did not specify exact movements required for children to mirror, but for children to use dance to explore their natural movements and creative dance. Makenna has a strong sense of self and enjoys freedom to move with music and song. Attending Intellidance® strengthened her independence of body movement and expression! My only regret was not having her in more classes!

Thank you Jessica for developing this program and providing it to all!

Class start date: 
June 17, 2019
$1450.00 USD