Intellidance® Method In-Person Certification Intensive: Boston July 2019

The Intellidance® Method is based on current best practices and recommendations in early childhood development and education, coupled with child and caregiver approved fun!

Intellidance® founder Jessica Baudin-Griffin (and mother of two!) has spent over 10 years developing the Intellidance® program model with the thousands of families who have attended her sold out classes. The outcome is the Intellidance® Method, which combines dance, music, and play to nurture early childhood and physical literacy development, while strengthening the caregiver-child bond!

The Intellidance® Method Certification program trains professionals in the best practices in early childhood dance education. Participants will receive training in how to structure, plan, and implement developmentally appropriate dance programming for 4 different age groupings:

  • Babies (ages 3-11 months)
  • Tykes (ages 12-24 months)
  • Tots (ages 2-4)
  • Kids (ages 3-5)

As part of the program fee, all participants will receive the Intellidance® Curriculum Guide, which includes:

  • Training Manual (155 pages)
  • Activity Guide for each program (over 500 activities for ages 0-5)
  • Lesson Plans for each program (16-18 weeks of lesson plans per program)
  • Lesson Plan Templates to create original lesson plans
  • Early Childhood Development Guide
  • Activity and Instructional Videos (over 350 videos!)

The Intellidance® Method Certification Intensive combines the online certification course with 5 days of in-person training and mentorship with founder Jessica Baudin-Griffin.

Prior to the in-person training component, participants will move through six online modules that provide the foundation of the Intellidance® Method. The six online modules combine our compressive training manual and over 100 videos of Intellidance® classes and activities to ensure a solid understanding of Method. Participants will be able to communicate and interact with Jessica Baudin-Griffin though the online course messanger to support their learning.

The in-person component of the Intellidance® Method Certification Intensive is offered at Little Beats, an Intellidance® partner studio in the Boston suburb of Newton, MA. Over a 5 day intensive, participants will be immersed in the Intellidance® Method through a variety of interactive experiences including:

  • Lecture and group discussions
  • Observation of live Intellidance® classes
  • Participation in Intellidance® activities
  • Practical teaching opportunities
  • Collaboration with other students

The Boston July 2019 Intellidance® Method Certification Intensive 

Registrations for the Boston July 2019 course will open November ,1 2018.

Course Location: Little Beats at The Dance Academy

94 Rowe St.
Newton, MA, USA (Suburb of Boston)

Course Dates: July 15-19, 2019

Course Times: 9:30am-4:30pm daily

Very Early Bird Registration Period: November 1-December 31 2018- SAVE 30%

  • VEB Single Payment: $1015 USD
  • VEB Payment Plan: 8 Monthly payments of $175 USD

Early Bird Registration Period: January 1- February 28, 2019- SAVE 15%

  • EB Single Payment: $1233 USD
  • EB Payment Plan: 6 Monthly payments of $245 USD

Regular Rate Registration Period: March 1-June 15, 2019

  • Single Payment: $1450 USD
  • Payment Plan: 4 Monthly Payments of $400 USD (available March 1- April 30, 2019 only!)

Please note: Course fee does not include transportation, accommodations, or meals. Please contact us for nearby accommodation suggestions.Terms and Conditions:

  • A minimum of 5 registrations by April 1 will be needed to run the Intellidance® Method In-Person Certification Intensive. 
  • All registrants will be contacted on April 1 to notify if we have met minimum numbers. We recommend registrants traveling from aboard wait until we have confirmed minimum numbers to book travel and accommodations.
  • If minimum numbers are not met, all registrants will be offered a complete refund or may immediately transfer into the Intellidance® Method Online Certification.
Class start date: 
July 15, 2019
$1015.00 USD