Intellidance Movement Concept Posters

The Intellidance® Movement Concept Posters have been designed to support teachers teaching dance and music to children ages 2-10! 

 Posters are included for the following 12 Movement Concepts:

  • Space (Space and Place)
  • Size (Big, Medium, Small)
  • Speed (Fast and Slow)
  • Level (High, Middle, and Low)
  • Body Parts
  • Body Shape (Straight, Curvy, Angular, and Twisted)
  • Direction (Forward, Backward, Sideways, Up and Down)
  • Energy (Sharp and Smooth)
  • Weight (Heavy and Light)
  • Relationships (Over/Under, In-Front/Behind, Beside, Together/Apart, In/Out, On/Off, and Around)
  • Pathway (Straight, Curved, and Zig-Zag)
  • Balance (On Balance and Off Balance)

Digital Downloads (PDF files) allow teachers to print as many copies of the resources as they need, in sizing they choose! No physical poster will be sent.

You have 30 days from the time of purchase to download your poster file. Download will be available under your user account. 

Available to download for: 
30 days
$25.00 USD