Size Activity Pack Vol. 1 (Ages 3-6)

Explore the concept of Size with your preschool and kindergarten students using creative movement and music! This activity pack includes 20 original Intellidance® creative movement activities including:

  • Action Songs (3)
  • Structured Explorations (3)
  • Sensory Play with movement props and instruments (7)
  • Creative Dance Choreography Structures (2)
  • 2 Coloring Sheets that support activities in this package. 

Children will enjoy exploring how their bodies can change size, while learning new movement skills and vocabulary, and developing musicality by responding to dynamics. Activities are scripted to ensure your delivery is simple and easily understood by young children. Each activity also includes song suggestions and teacher tips, to support you in a successful teaching experience! All activities can easily be integrated into dance, music, or early education classrooms.

The activity pack is downloaded as a zip file, and includes a black and white version to make printing easier.

Available to download for: 
30 days
$25.00 USD